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Blog Agenda  (Last updated in April, 2015)
I have decided to make this blog a forum for travelers—especially opera tourists. Therefore, this is a blog about Everything You Need To Know About Going To The Mariinsky. You may browse for what you need by clicking the blue links below or the links inside of the texts, which attempt to correlate the main topics. This is how I would logically present it:
  • Best & Worst of Fall 2014: Singers, Conductors and Stagings
  • Any ideas for other posts? Share them with me!
Readers are welcome to ask for advice in any of the Comments section. I also encourage you to share your experiences there. Let the opera begin!

About the author (Last pdated in April, 2015)
Plácido Zacarias is crazy about opera and has been blogging about it for the last 5 years. He stayed in St Petersburg for half a year for professional reasons and got to see some 30 performances at the Mariinsky. He is now back to Lisbon--his hometown--and will be blogging about his experiences at the Mariinsky in this blog.

Motivation Letter
Dear Readers,                                                                                          August 18, 2014
Greetings from Saint Petersburg, Russia! Welcome to Plácido Zacarias’ new blog Inside the Mariinsky: Nights at the Opera in St Petersburg. Over the next months, PZ will be attending opera performances at the Mariinsky theatres as often as possible. Russian opera is the kind of thing every opera-goer loves—who doesn’t feel compassionate about little Tatyana from Tchaikovsky’s Onegin and who doesn’t occasionally enjoy listening to that Russian-school bass in a Verdi opera?
      PZ will get to experience all this in person and will be able to give international readers an account of what going to the Mariinsky in person feels like. St Petersburg offers a wide variety of repertoire every season, ranging from the Russian classics to standard repertoire Italian operas—and a lot more! In fact, Saint Petersburg’s opera venues are almost as active as the New York's Metropolitan Opera itself. However, as one goes through the playbill around here, there are little world-renowned opera artists (except for the well-known exception of conductor Valery Gergiev); moreover, the pictures of some productions do look dreary at first sight. Over the next months, PZ will do his best to keep Inside the Mariinsky updated and assess St Petersburg’s standards.
      If you’re more into ballet, stay in tune—there may be something coming up for you as well. Hopefully, this blog will get to help some readers make up their minds about their next opera-tourism destination and eventually help them plan their Mariinsky experience. Readers and Mariinskyers are welcome to express their views in the Comments sections. If only this blog could get opera lovers to get together and discuss their views on Russian opera productions, this blog will be serving its purpose. Help us create a community by sharing this blog with your fellow opera lovers.
Plácido Zacarias

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  1. Looking forward to reading exciting events from S. Petersburg. Have fun and share it!